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Asiana Communications
Services include business and technical translation, typesetting, desktop publishing, and web site localization.
Beijing E-C Translation
Specializes in technical and marketing documentation, software and web site localization and testing, and multimedia content translation.
Bowwin Translation Service
Provides document translation and software, web site, and multimedia localization services for all fields. Also offers site promotion on Chinese search engines.
ak2 translation
Offers document and web site translation.
Specializes in Chinese and English translations, web site localization, and typography.
Boffin China, Inc.
Provides software and web site localization, multilingual desktop publishing, and translation services in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai.
World Translating and Interpreting Service
Specializes in Chinese translation, typesetting, interpretation, transcription, and web site localization services with other Asian languages available.
Gogi Information Translation Co.
Offers web site localization services of information and legal documents for financial corporations.
Adam East
Offers a variety of translation services, including English-Chinese and Chinese-English, web site localization, business and legal documents, and more.
1 Click Translation Services
Offers web site and software globalization, translation, web design, and DTP including localization in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
Foreign Ink Ltd.
Specializes in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai translation and typesetting.
Bilingual Press
Offers professional publishing and translating services. Also, offers English-Chinese publications, CD software programs, and artwork.
Billion Bridges Translation Service
We offer professional Chinese-English and English-Chinese translation.

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