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Sci-tech Translation by Language
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  • Shazly Arabic Translation
    Provides technical translation services, software localization, and web site translation from English to Arabic.
    Asiana Communications
    Services include business and technical translation, typesetting, desktop publishing, and web site localization.
    Beijing E-C Translation
    Specializes in technical and marketing documentation, software and web site localization and testing, and multimedia content translation.
    Herald Translation Service
    Chinese and English legal, technical, and business translations. Also offers software localization.
    Freeland International
    Offers Chinese English translation services in areas including business, technology, law, engineering, biomedical, medical, pharmaceutical, and more.
    Chinese to English Translation Services
    Accredited Language Services accurately translates technical, medical, legal and financial documents from and into Chinese. Great quality at a great price. Rush service. Free consultation. Traductions
    Offers professional and technical translations from a network of translators specializing in French and other European languages.
    French and English translation service for legal documents, technical papers and catalogs, business agreements, and property transactions.
    ABC Langues et Conseils
    Technical, commercial, and general translation between French and English.
    French Translation Services
    Provider of expert translations of documents and websites in technical, legal, medical, and business fields. French to English and English to French. Contact us for a free quote.
    French Translation Services
    Our native French translators can handle your business, legal, technical, medical and general translations. We translate, proofread and edit your quality guaranteed translations.
    MM translations Inc.
    Translations from English, Spanish, French. Specializing in information technology, web sites, and general business.
    Text Excellence
    Provides technical writing services as well as German-English technical translations to an international audience.
    Correct English German Translations
    Online German to English and English to German translation services of software, web sites, and technical texts.
    Provides translations and interpreting services from and into Italian in the financial, legal, and IT fields.
    Italian Translations
    Translations in any area of expertise. Technical, scientific, medical, legal, software localization and Web site globalization. Send us your documents by e-mail for a free quote.
    Ohashi High Technology
    English-Japanese translations of patents, technical documents, and business materials. Offers consultation for marketing in Japan.
    Aisei Japanese Language Services, Inc.
    Provides English/Japanese translation and interpretation, including technical, along with instructional classes.
    Babble Ltd.
    Japanese translation specialists employing experts in medicine, pharmaceuticals, business, law, tourism, electronics, computers, and patents.
    Tricycle Media
    Services include Japanese translation of technical and non-technical documents, on site document review, Japanese and Chinese desktop publishing, marketing copy, and more.
    Silver Bridges Translations Int'l
    Specializes in Japanese legal, business, and technical translation and interpreting work.
    Korea Interpreter Center
    KIC provides IT, computers, information and communications, networks, enterprise resource planning, finance, stocks, securities, and supplies technical translation services.
    Korean Translation
    English to Korean translation expert Korean translator group.
    Only Korean Translation. All the Time
    US-based firm providing English-Korean translation of business documents, Web sites, product manuals, legal contracts, and more.
    Lovetree Systems
    Technical translation to and from Korean. Web design and software localization in Korean.
    Korea Chonha Translation Company
    Offers English and Korean translation services, specializing in IT, engineering, medical, and legal documents.
    Bowne Global Solutions Korea, Inc.
    Offers software localization and technical document translation.
    Korean Localization Link
    Provide a range of translation services including software and web localization, business and technical translation, and consulting.
    Asia Information Service (AIS)
    Specializes in technical translation services, including web site, software, and more.
    Quality Korean Inc.
    Offers Korean technical/medical translation, localization, interpreting, and DTP customized for multi-language service providers
    LangTran Service
    Offers English to Korean and Korean to English translation services of IT, telecommunications, computer, software, web site, and technical documents.
    Korean Business Translations
    Full-time technical translator of English/Korean.
    Certified Korean to English Translation
    Experience the difference. PhD with 20 years of experience. Professor of translation, state of California court certified interpreters. Legal, medical, technical, business, and patent.
    California Based Korean Translator
    Freelance technical translator and interpreter since 1988. Specialized in legal, engineering, finance from English/Korean. Certified paralegal. Member ATA.
    Korean Translation
    Software, Web, Technical, Document - Korean Translation at Low Cost
    Korean Translation, KTS
    Legal, Business, Medical, Technical, High Quality, Reasonable Rates
    MC Translation Services
    Specializes in technical translations for Latin America offering both Portuguese and Spanish language translations.
    Portuguese Translation
    Provides professional Portuguese translation services Specializes in legal, medical, technical, and business translations.
    Language Interface, Inc.
    Russian/English translation and interpreting support and technical and business communications for science and technology projects, including oil and gas, aerospace, and construction.
    TechTrans International, Inc.
    Translation, interpretation, logistics, and training services. Major clients are in the aerospace, engineering, and industrial communities.
    Russian Language Communications, Inc.
    Comprehensive translation and interpretation services, ranging from business cards to technical manuals to web pages.
    AlfaTrad Translation Services
    Translation bureau specializing in English-Spanish and Spanish-English translations. Provides translation services for commercial and business, personnel and human resources, technical, scientific and industrial, medical and pharmaceutical and other industries.
    Spanish Pronto
    Scientific, medical, legal, and educational translation into English or Spanish.
    Amaya Translations Plus
    Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translation and tape transcription for general, legal, medical, and technical subject matter.

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