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Arabic Translation Center
Offers translation and interpreting services, web site localization, culture awareness seminars, and Arabic language lessons.
Alquds Compu-Tech
Develops Arabic teaching software. Also offers web site design and translation services.
Shazly Arabic Translation
Provides technical translation services, software localization, and web site translation from English to Arabic.
Arabic Language Services
Provides Arabic and Farsi translation, desktop publishing, web site localization, and multimedia CD production services.
Asiana Communications
Services include business and technical translation, typesetting, desktop publishing, and web site localization.
Beijing E-C Translation
Specializes in technical and marketing documentation, software and web site localization and testing, and multimedia content translation.
Bowwin Translation Service
Provides document translation and software, web site, and multimedia localization services for all fields. Also offers site promotion on Chinese search engines.
ak2 translation
Offers document and web site translation.
Specializes in Chinese and English translations, web site localization, and typography.
Boffin China, Inc.
Provides software and web site localization, multilingual desktop publishing, and translation services in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai.
World Translating and Interpreting Service
Specializes in Chinese translation, typesetting, interpretation, transcription, and web site localization services with other Asian languages available.
Gogi Information Translation Co.
Offers web site localization services of information and legal documents for financial corporations.
Adam East
Offers a variety of translation services, including English-Chinese and Chinese-English, web site localization, business and legal documents, and more.
1 Click Translation Services
Offers web site and software globalization, translation, web design, and DTP including localization in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
All French Translators
Offers translators and interpreters for businesses, web sites, magazines, and localized translation.
French Translation Just - $0.07 Per Word
Most affordable French translation-documents, websites, manuals, DTP and more. Native translators - both English to French and vice versa.
MM translations Inc.
Translations from English, Spanish, French. Specializing in information technology, web sites, and general business.
Languages Link
Offers translation of web sites, television and film scripts, and advertising.
Correct English German Translations
Online German to English and English to German translation services of software, web sites, and technical texts.
Twigg's Translations
Native German speakers offer translation into German and English, including web sites. Examples of completed projects available online.
Italian Translations
Translations in any area of expertise. Technical, scientific, medical, legal, software localization and Web site globalization. Send us your documents by e-mail for a free quote.
Gongwell Translation Center
Offers translation, multilingual DTP, typesetting, and web and software localization services in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English.
Japan Bytes
Translation company specializing in software, online help, and printed documentation from English to Japanese and vice versa.
Offers English-Japanese web page translation.
PROV. Communications, Inc.
Cross-cultural communications company providing services in English and Japanese including translation, web site localization, and advertising and PR development.
Offers English to Japanese web site localization, promotion, and hosting services.
LinkUp Services
Offers translations, web site localization, marketing, and more.
Offers Japanese/English translation services, including web sites.
Metaphoria, Ltd.
Translating corporate videos, TV commercials, documentaries, feature films, web sites, multimedia, and Japanimation.
Destination Japan
Japanese and English tranlation services for web sites and documents.
Studio 4th Dimension
Multimedia design house specializing in Japanese localization of web sites.
Only Korean Translation. All the Time
US-based firm providing English-Korean translation of business documents, Web sites, product manuals, legal contracts, and more.
Lovetree Systems
Technical translation to and from Korean. Web design and software localization in Korean.
Korean Interpreters & Translators
Offers translations in French, Korean, and English, as well as interpreting, Web localization, and voice-over work.
Korea Translation Co
Provides Korean translation, web site and software localization.
Korean Localization Link
Provide a range of translation services including software and web localization, business and technical translation, and consulting.
Asia Information Service (AIS)
Specializes in technical translation services, including web site, software, and more.
LangTran Service
Offers English to Korean and Korean to English translation services of IT, telecommunications, computer, software, web site, and technical documents.
Korean Translation
Software, Web, Technical, Document - Korean Translation at Low Cost
Portuguese Translation Services
Provider of expert translations of documents and websites in technical, legal, medical, and business fields. Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese. Contact us for a free quote.
Russian Language Communications, Inc.
Comprehensive translation and interpretation services, ranging from business cards to technical manuals to web pages.
24/7 Russian Translations
Includes localization of Russian/English web sites.
Spanish Interpretation and Translations
Translates general correspondence, legal and financial documentation, manuals, brochures, advertising, press releases, and web pages.
Global Language Alliance
Neutral translations. Specializes in web pages, software, multimedia presentations, and publications.

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